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Credit Card Questions and Answers

I have a bad credit score, what should I do?

Realistically you have two options, but choose which is best for you honestly and carefully. First you can open a new credit card, which is often risky for people who have uncontrollable debt. If you truthfully can maintain your new credit card payments, you can prove that you have become financially responsible and therefore will increase your credit score. Your second option is to pay off your debt slowly and consistently. It is important to pay your bills on time. Although it will take a while to get out of debt, this is the safer way of doing it.

Why would I ever get a credit card that didn't have rewards attached?

If you believe that you will not be able to pay off your bills completely every month, you should avoid this type of card. Reward cards have often times have high APR interest rates attached and can cause consumer problems if you don't keep up with your payments.

I get credit card offers in the mail everyday. Should I choose one of these cards? If so, which one?

These mailings are often creditable companies, so ultimately that decision is up to you. However, we suggest searching online for your own credit card because there are many more types offered. It is probable that the credit card you want will not be found through solicitor's mailings.

I don't have a credit card now. What is the advantage to getting one?

The chance of falling into debt may seem like its a good idea to avoid credit completely. However, building your credit is crucial. When you decide to buy a home or car, banks immediately look to your credit report. Having great credit will making getting a loan fast and simple, whereas having no credit makes it difficult. It is a good idea to start building your credit score for your major purchases in the future.

Where should I direct questions for a specific credit card?

To ensure you get all the correct answers you need, direct specific questions to the company you have applied with. Alternate outside sources might have different answers.

I only use store credit cards. Is it important that I get a major credit card?

You should absolutely look in getting a major credit card. Store credit cards will not build your credit rating. Also, their interest rates are high and nonnegotiable. Some stores will have up to 30% APR interest rates, so its always a better idea to use a major credit card.